Thursday, 20 July 2017

To Manyenje!

We left Kabula lodge this morning, after having pancakes sausages bread and bananas for breakfast.  
We got on the coach to go to the village Manyenjay, that we will be staying and working in. 
On the journey we passed a school where every child ran after the coach.  They were all waving and screaming at us as if we were celebs. The ride was bumpy but we got there safe (it's okay mum/ dad/ parental guardian). 
When we arrived the school children were singing and welcomed us warmly before we set up our beds. 
At the welcoming ceremony the locals welcomed us with singing, dancing and acting.  The traditional dances consisted of twerking, we joined in. 
We finished the day with cold showers and rice (again). 
Phoebe VW,  Anna and Meg

Being welcomed to the village

Local traditional dancers!

Becoming part of the community! 


  1. Liebe Annemarie,
    wir lieben dich und beten fuer dich und natuerlich auch fuer alle anderen.
    Mama und Papa

  2. What a great first day - and a great breakfast! Good luck to everyone with the project.

  3. hope you are having a great time, sending love to everyone in manyenje and mwandika (ps. miss you lots moritz), Maddy xxx

  4. Hi Phoebe and everyone - glad you all arrived safely - unlike 16 poor students and 3 staff on a similar trip who weren't allowed entry into India because they had the wrong visas :(
    Good luck with the project...and with the facilities....missing you already- mimi, pic, lid and al x

  5. Hello,
    Lovely to see you are safe and well. It all looks very familiar! Mr Ellis and I packed up the last of the donations yesterday and squeezed 10 very large bags into my very small car (driving home was an adventure!) have a great first day on the project, work hard and stay happy.
    Please comment if you see a little lad called Amos. Speak soon, Mrs T x

  6. Hi everyone. Fab to see you settling in and arrived safely.
    Take care and looking forward to reading all about it.
    Mrs D x

  7. Hi Amelia and everyone
    Glad you all arrived safely and are being fed so well. Hope you managed to sort your bedding and mozi nets out ok. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos of your adventures. Missing you loads.
    Mum, dad and Sebastian xxx

  8. One for Mrs Ayling. Your Dad is loving the fresh food and the company. All is well, although your breakfast sounds better than mine. Glad everyone is enjoying the rice, Bill

  9. Great photos! Now it truly begins! Hope you have a great first day on the project and all goes well. Make a big dent in all that physical labour for us!

  10. How very exciting!!! Maybe I'll be able to go to one expedition one year!!! Make the most of it. I cannot wait to hear about everything!!!

  11. Hope you're having a great time Cerys! Mum and dad send their love! Lots of love your fave family member! (Ivan)

  12. This looks amazing! Wow, what a beautiful place! Miss you Meg but glad to see your smile! 😘

  13. For some reason I've only just got the link to this bog. Have wondered if you were all safe. Missing you but wish I were there! Love mum. ❤️