Monday, 24 July 2017

More brick lines and some rugby...

First and foremost who won the love island final? All of us here are desperate to know...   This morning we consumed this thick hot goodness, porridge that we brewed. It gave us all a lot of energy for Moritz's stretching session as he was project doctor for the day. Despite the local primary school having their exams today the village youths helped us out with the task (precious and promise were Katie and ceryss Dave's). The main task for todays project was moving a massive amount brick pile to the building site. We also got a talk from a nurse called Jean, which was a blunt but harrowing shock for all of us. After the afternoons work a group played duck duck goose with the local kids and Moritz taught them how to throw a rugby ball. Dinner was bolognaise, something different yum. The shower is in high demand, everyone is starting to smell 7 days in. Night everyone, cerrys Katie Moritz


  1. Wonderful pictures! We have started birthday present shopping - ooooo what to get a 17 year old!?! The challenges ...... we'll find something I am sure! Love you very much Alex - hope you're having fun. Mx Dx Jx Rx Fx Tx

  2. Hi poppit

    I'm now top on the table tennis league! Missing you lots. Are you hiding from the photographer?

  3. Hi katie and tgs team 1,
    Amber and Kem won!!!!! Jamie and camilla came second, Chris and liv third and marcel and gabby 4th
    They split the money between them of course, everyone was shouting to Kem 'share the money with Chris' haha!
    Lots of love from chlo & hols xxxxx

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  5. Keep up the good work, it sounds amazing and every single thing you do is incredible and counts for so much- we're so proud. Xxxx

  6. A week gone already the house is quiet without you! Katie did you buy anything yesterday am sure you would have haggled the price up rather than down ?! Keep working hard xx

  7. Well done everyone, very impressed with all your hard work. Kudos that you still have energy for twerking and skanking after all those hours of breaking rocks in the hot sun. (10 points if you can name that song).
    Elian- you missed my birthday cake yesterday (home-made lemon polenta, oh yes). I enjoyed eating your slice in your absence. Loads of love to you and all the crew from me, Cathy and da boys. Your Uncle and Godfather, Justin.x

    1. I fought the law.....and the law won!
      Top tune.
      Happy birthday Elian's Uncle Justin :)

  8. Rae
    Can't wait for you to get back. Jamie is annoying me so much. She actually won't leave me alone. She follows me everywhere and sleeps by my head at night. Every time she see me she meows. I think she is missing you just like we are.
    Hope you are keeping hydrated xxx

  9. 'Kem and Amber win Love Island 2017 with Jamie and Camilla runners-up!' No I did not drown my sorrow of missing you Moritz with watching 'Love Island', i googled the result :-). I think it is great that you spend so much time playing with the children!
    Our home is earily quiet with you and Lottie away! Lottie is enjoying Cannes and her french lessons but sadly she was mugged on Sunday evening and had her phone and jewellery taken away. She was very shaken by this but is now ok. You all keep up the enthusiasm and hard work. xxxx

  10. Dear Annemarie
    You have qualified for the Waeschedienst next term!!!!
    It has been raining cats and dogs since we arrived in Germany on Sunday. Enjoy the sunshine, Schatz!
    Mama, Papa, Johannes, Paul

  11. Phoebe T - hope you're sitting down....Heidi said she just might have messed up your streaks. I'm sure you will understand that better than me but she's very sorry and wanted you to get used to the idea before you came home! I'm sure your experience in Malawi will have changed your perspective somewhat and that you will forgive her! We're missing you loads princess, and love you masses xxxx

  12. Hello to you all. We are so impressed with all that you are doing and very proud too. Anna, life without you is a little quieter and MUCH tidier but we miss your laughter and you're loving hugs. Hope you're having fun. Mum, Dad, Henry and Amelie xxxx

  13. Chilly?! Cloudy?! Raining?! Porridge?! Sounds as if it is home from home out there! Work ethic is very impressive. Elian in BED BY NINE? Now that's a clever trick Wont work at home thought... Love Papa Mc and Grandma Mc