Sunday, 23 July 2017

Living conditions and daily routine

This is just to give you all at home a flavour of life in rural Malawi!

Living conditions: we are all sleeping in one house that is full of bunk beds. There's a sheet of plastic to separate the boys and girls. In our compound we have an outdoor straw shelter where we eat and chill together. The showers are a basic cubicle with rocks on the floor as a drainage system and straw walls. Its also outside and we are showering using a bucket. The toilets are similar to the showers except its a mud floor and there's a small square hole in which we do our business. The kitchen area is also outside and consists of a straw roof and three small fire pots. The taps we use are 'drip-taps' which is the top of a bottle with holes to d through the lid to allow the water to rub. Our living conditions are basic but we have everything we need.

Daily routine: we have been split into teams which alternate jobs. Everyday, the water team and breakfast team wake up at 6. Then everyone else wakes up at 6:30. We have breakfast at around 7:15 and then we get ready to start project work at around 8. We work for two hours, have a half hour break consisting of eating mandazis. From 10:30 until 12 we are back on project (helping building the classroom). After this we have a two hour lunch tk avoid working during the hottest time of the day. After this we work for a final 2 hours until the dinner team stops at 4 to shower and prepare dinner whilst the rest of us finish up on site and put away the tools. Dinner is served sometime around 6. After every meal the washing up team does their job and the cleaning team do theirs. After dinner we have free time but most people go to bed. Everyone goes to bed by 9 to ensure we are ready to do it again the next day!


  1. Well done girls - you are amazing! I think what you are doing is inspirational. Malawi has a very special place in my heart and what you are doing out there is fantastic.

    Phoebe/Katie - I'll send you a Love Island update tomorrow ;-)

    Mrs D x

  2. It sounds like incredibly hard work but an amazing experience. It looks like you are all doing a great job too. Phoebe T - we'll be sure to have lots of porridge in or when you return! (Mum on my laptop which comes up in Heidi's name...) xxxx

  3. Team structures seem to be working very well. Also like the early to bed routines. All sounding very physical, healthy and doing a bunch of people a whole lot of good. Well done guys!

  4. Oh my goodness how amazing! You must all be so tired. Hope
    It's not too hot. What a great experience. I'm hoping Elian won't mind doing the dishes at home now! So glad to hear from you. Elian is missed at home.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sounds like you are all working really hard. I'm sure you will be very pleased with what you can achieve in 2 weeks.

  6. We love your reports! What a difference to your normal routine!
    Well done all!
    We have you in our heart, especially Annemarie (mein allerliebster Schatz, ich vermisse dich sooooo)

  7. I have been posting comments each day but I can't see them so I am not sure if you are getting them or not! Anyway, glad you are all having an amazing time - looks fantastic! We are all missing you loads Alex - it feels like you have been gone ages already! Mx Dx Jx Rx Fx Tx