Wednesday, 19 July 2017

All settled in...

The team are rather tired after their long journey, so here's a blog written by the I spire leaders, Jack and Emily!

We collected the team from the airport and brought them back to the lodge. We did our orientation telling the team about the plan for the week ahead and a few details about the project and what the work will entail. The first Malawian meal the team enjoyed was beef, brai chicken, a huge load of vegetables and a lot of rice which they seemed to love which is a good sign considering the weeks ahead. Everyone has gone to bed so we have written the blog tonight. But tomorrow the students will write the blog and be able to tell you about our first day in the village and the welcome ceremony. Jack and Emily- Inspire leaders

They're here!


  1. Hurrah. Glad all is well. Can't wait for tomorrow's update. Sleep well

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    1. Lovely picture , hope you had a good sleep and have a fantastic day x

  3. Lots of smiling faces. Have a great day all.