Saturday, 22 July 2017

A gecko, rehearsal, and brick lines

Cerys slayed so hard at being the licensed doctor (legend right?!). Once again we had porridge; slightly less runny (progress!).
We spent the majority of the day in a line passing bricks from one place to another and then smashing them up with hammers and concrete blocks on sticks. We are staying to see real progress being made! 
After the long, strenuous and exhausting but overall enjoyable work, we played with the children; they love bubbles and balloons. 
Despite showering, everyone is still covered in a thick layer of mud/dirt however everyone is adamant it is actually tan. 
Dinner was mashed potatoes and vegetables (different Yay!). We are yet to have meat but hopefully that will change soon when we slaughter some chickens!
To round it off we had a phat ghekko in the girl's dorm but we are grateful because the ghekko (Charles) eat the mosquito.
We are currently practising our songs for church tomorrow, hopefully our vocals will have warmed to the climate and we will produce a BeyoncĂ©-like sound. 
Adios, padres y amigos y Maddy. 
Phoebe T, Rae B and Katie V. And Lizzie LO. 
P.S. Thanks for the comments, they make us emotional (especially the Barnards and Mama Wag) 


  1. Sounds like you are all working really hard. Well done. What's with Cerys being a doctor? Tell us more.
    Food doesn't sound too bad, but here's a tip...
    Ghekko + fire = meat!
    Only joking.
    Rae we had chilli con carne with rice tonight. Missing you my babes xxx

  2. Hi guys!! It's so cool to hear about what you're doing and glad you're all getting a tan.. Lots of love, Katie W xxx

  3. Hi guys!! It's so cool to hear about what you're doing and glad you're all getting a tan.. Lots of love, Katie W xxx

  4. Lets hope that the "tan" comes off when you all get back home...and have a wash! Good work all...

  5. Hard work girls but imagine how thrilled you will feel to see the fruits of your hard labour in a week or so? It's raining in "Blighty" and yes Lizzie - I am still going camping.... Probably get one of your tans as I don't fancy the shower rooms much. Have a joyful Sunday at church, I imagine the singing will be wonderful with you lovely lot belting out the tunes.xx

  6. Love the pictures! Especially of you Megan! We miss you loads but so proud of you! Keep up the great work and enjoy your time there! Xxoo

  7. BTW...good luck with the chickens...I'll bet Chicken will never look the same way again! And enjoy the singing! Hugs from home! Xx

  8. Ghekko, toad - it's a fine line. Really proud of you and missing you loads xx

  9. Table tennis tournaments aren't the same without you! Missing you loads....xx.

  10. Amazing pictures again! That looks like some hardcore work (that's a really bad building joke in case you missed it)! Keep it up team, I'm off to Nice, I'll be thinking of you all whilst lazing on the beach . . . I'm just charging up by batteries really, ready for continuing your good work . . .

  11. Hello team, great to see progress on the project, hope you had fun at church today (it's quite special isn't it). How are the fairy lights working out?
    Speak soon
    Twinam x

  12. Well done girls keep it up.

    Anna we are missing you loads, love the plaits did you pack enough Batiste! Love MDHA

  13. Loving the posts! Sounds like you are all having an amazing time, and I can't wait to see Alex's tan! ;-) We have just had a roast dinner but we took some photos for you and we even set a place for you darling! Much love! Mx Dx Jx Rx Fx Tx

  14. Hi Phoebe - missing you loads. L&R too. Looks like hard graft. Well done. Love the African skirt - with Nike trainers. Great look. Raining cats and dogs here. Rain held off for England Women's win against India at cricket at Lords. We were there...expect you are glad you weren't...Have you named the chickens? Masala or Tikka maybes? love to all P,M,L&A x

  15. Hi Grace
    Looks like you are having an amazing time. We are missing you not being here, enjoy the experience.
    Matt and Ollie

  16. Hi Gracie
    We tried to send you a message yesterday. Matt has managed to sort us out so we can now message you more. I hope you are enjoying yourself and not too tired.